The story behind each scarf

Our scarves are a way of storytelling. A story brought to life by using bright colours and our imagination. We call them a mix of dreams, happiness and lots of colours.

All designs are made by Philip & Julie.

Three & Four Suns

A scarf that embodies the warmth of the sun. Not one, not two but three or even four suns on one scarf.  On FIGURATI scarves, we can have our beloved things in numbers that are not possible in real life. We designed this scarf as an oath to the star that gives light and warmth to our planet.


A shark on one side, a swimming pool on the other. Two things you'd rather not associate with each other, and you'd rather never encounter them together. The shark we drew looks happy and nice, in stark contrast to a real shark. On Figurati scarves, even scary things can be transformed into something fun and colourful. It just depends on how you look at it.


This scarf is a tribute to the lobster. A fascinating animal of which some species can live up to 100 years. On the front you will find the bright orange lobster. The back of the scarf features the lobster's favourite habitat: the ocean. Because lobsters live in different depths of the ocean, the waves vary from one side to the other.


The Pantera scarf represents the characteristics of a panther: elegance and fierceness. With its various shades of green, this scarf also portrays the nature and habitat of this magnificent animal.


The name 'Soloeuil' comes from 'oeuil', meaning 'eye', and 'soleil', meaning 'sun' in French.
A sun that watches over you and keeps you warm, even on the coldest winter days.

Love Is Blind

"Love Is Blind". A direct idiom. One that refers to how a lover is blinded by love, to truth, to reality.

This scarf shows the side view of a blindfolded woman. 'Blinded by love' in the literal sense.
The typical Figurati hearts representing love, big or small, obvious or subtle.


Crazy colours, eight letters and a lot of fun. That's our FIGURATI OTTO.

One side with many colours to brighten up a cold day. The other side with our eight letters. Big and Bold.

FIGURATI embodies colourfulness and playfulness at its finest. This is exactly what we wanted our new scarf to represent.



A joke, a greeting, a secret or a signal of affection. A small gesture that holds so much.

The Occhiolino Scarf is a wink to all things we love. 

En Plein Soleil

On a day when the sun's rays don't seem to come through the clouds, this scarf brings you the warmth of a full sun.


A scarf representing "a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep".

Let this scarf spark your imagination and see whatever you like in the colourful waves and vibrant letters.


The legs of the lobster represent the obstacle of love; the threat of a broken heart.

The typical Figurati heart represents the fragility of the heart, as well as the beauty of love.

Les Poissons

Underwater in the ocean, we taste the saltiness of the water and feel it tingle in our eyes, but we never wonder why. 
We believe it's because of all the tears of the creatures living in the underwater realm. 

Because it sounds better in French, as is often the case, we have named this meaningful scarf 'Les poissons ont trop pleuré'.